April showers, and I have to run around all day for market appointments!  I am so sick of my rain boots…  Finally, I saw something that put a smile on my face.  Check out the whimsical customized boutonnieres at Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres. Weddings tend to be a bit bride-centric, now the grooms can express themselves too.   -Christina, Party Girl


A luxury double decker limo bus by Designer Limousines.

A luxury double decker limo bus by Designer Limousines.

Hit the road Jack n Jill.  Should you and your fiancé want to throw a joint bachelor ‘n’ ette party, why not travel in luxury with a double decker limo bus by Designer Limousines.  I boarded this bad boy earlier this week to see it for myself, and it’s like a cruise ship for the road!  2 floors of roomy space can easily accommodate up to 80 people.  With amenities like 15 flat screen tv’s , Wi-Fi, banquette seating, a bar, a virtual jukebox filled with 100,000 + songs, and room for you and your crew to dance, this bus brings the club to you minus the long lines, busy bar, or snooty attitudes.  Bring in a caterer, hire a DJ, head to Atlantic City or bar hop through Manhattan.  Not in the NYC area?  Try Limobuses.com on the west coast (hello, Hollywood!).  Carpooling never looked so good.  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas


Welcome to my home for the week.  I’ve literally been up to my eyeballs in boxes, props, & furniture.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I am working on our annual Sept/Oct 2009 Flower Special.  We must have flowers in every color palette and enough tableware to throw a few dozen parties.  There’s even a custom floral table that will make anyone “green” with envy to have at their own reception.  Keep tuned in for more developments on this spectucular story.   Machell, Wedding Stylistas

I’m so excited about our location!  We booked Smack Mellon (a gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn) a few months ago but I went back this weekend to show my mom for the first time.  There are some logistical issues…the fact that we have to bring everything in because it is a gallery and has huge columns that interrupt the flow of the tables.  These are the things you’re focused on when you are in full-blown planning mode.  It is so great to step back and see the space again through fresh eyes…the way your guests are going to see it on your wedding day.  I walked in and was instantly reminded that we made the right decision.  The view is stunning and the columns give it that raw space/urban feel that we wanted.  I can’t wait!  —Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES

Are you stressing out about picking a photographer?  My fiancé and I did—in fact, we ended up going so over budget on the pictures that we were forced to cut out all church flowers.  Finally, this week (two years after the wedding—we got a little behind!) we got our wedding album.  To steal a line from “Gossip Girl”, OMG!  (Should I still be watching GG…I’m 30 and married!?)  Getting back to my point, I felt transported back to our wedding day when I was going through our album.  These photos are our only tangible memories; they are also windows to all the parts of the wedding that we didn’t get to see.  So don’t beat yourself up about rolling out the dough for your photographer.  For us, it was so worth it.   Christina, Party Girl