PARTY GIRL: A 9/11 Wedding?

March 30, 2009

Today’s touchy topic: Is it okay to get married on September 11th?  A close friend recently came to me with this question.  My first instinct was YIKES.   Then I took some time to really consider the issue.  It’s definitely a somber day, especially here in New York.  But does that mean we have to mark it each year by being sad?  My friend ultimately decided to go ahead and book it, and I fully support her decision.  I had spent September 11, 2001 with her and my future husband, so there’s something kind of wonderful about being able to celebrate together how far we’ve all come since that day.   —Christina, Party Girl

2 Responses to “PARTY GIRL: A 9/11 Wedding?”

  1. September Bride Says:

    I was thinking about getting married on 9/12/09 in New York City. There were two reasons that stopped me, my location has a view of downtown Manhattan and most of my guests would have had to fly in to NYC on Sept. 11th. If I was getting married in another location, I would have done it. I think it’s great that your friend is going make that date a happy memory for every one of her guests.

  2. Maggie Says:

    I’m getting married September 11, 2010. It was not the date we originally wanted but September 18 was booked. While obviously people have a negative connotation toward that date, we thought that it was a great way to turn a date with such a sad association into a happy one. I hope that my guests will associate the date with happiness after the wedding too.

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