When is a flower just a flower?  Well, if it’s in our Flower Special, it’s anything but ordinary.  We asked eight floral masterminds to come up with creative ways to rework a flower.  Dog collars, rings, vases, lampshades, and hanging orbs–these are just a few of the things our floral experts fashioned from our favorite blooms.  Look for all their imaginative ideas and our complete flower story in the September/October 2009 issue.  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas

Today is a glorious day in NYC, but inside our photo studio it feels like one of the dog days of summer.  Normal people would just turn on the AC, but we magazine editors are a finicky bunch.  The whir of the AC interferes with our “creative flow.”  So we are sweating it out in pursuit of beautiful photos—a gorgeous collection of wedding accents, from bouquets to sweets to an aisle runner.  Gotta admit, the quiet helps us concentrate.  You can check out the story in our Party Style pages later this year; meanwhile, I’m changing into shorts.  Christina, Party Girl


Welcome to my home for the week.  I’ve literally been up to my eyeballs in boxes, props, & furniture.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I am working on our annual Sept/Oct 2009 Flower Special.  We must have flowers in every color palette and enough tableware to throw a few dozen parties.  There’s even a custom floral table that will make anyone “green” with envy to have at their own reception.  Keep tuned in for more developments on this spectucular story.   Machell, Wedding Stylistas


I’m currently working on the largest story my department produces each year—The Flower Special.  Next week we’ll be shooting tons of floral ideas, with a spotlight on some of the most talented florists out there.  Right now, this binder is my bible.  It holds close to 100 vendors’ invoices, pictures of what’s being loaned to us, contacts and addresses for our messengers—all the nuts and bolts we need to actually pull off this mammoth production.  As you might imagine, it’s handcuffed to my wrist!  I’ll be blogging from the studio next week—stay tuned!  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas

Today I’m at our cover shoot, along with our photo crew.  First thing this morning our model got her hair and makeup done while the rest of us gossiped, devoured the breakfast buffet, and tried on all the fun shoes.  With lighting and styling, prepping for a cover takes a loooong time—we managed to get in just a couple of shots before breaking for lunch (do you notice a theme here?).  Now we’ve settled down to work again and are really in a shooting groove.  Our cover model looks beautiful and radiant—it’s comforting to know that even natural beauties still need a couple of hours of hair and makeup to look cover-ready!  One of my favorite parts of shooting is being surrounded by beautiful bouquets–the studio is full of huge, full-blown roses and brilliant tulips.  Now I’ve got to run back to the set to change the veil.  Guess what—I’m still wearing those platforms from this morning!  Happy spring.  —Ellen, Un-Veiled