The wedding I went to this weekend was gorgeous!  My friend, Byram, got married on his family’s ranch, about an hour and a half outside of San Diego.  Admittedly it wasn’t the most comfortable I’ve ever been (I got two bug bites—poor me!—and it was pretty nippy), but the wedding was so beautiful I didn’t really care.  The ranch was nestled in a valley, and the couple got married on a paddock surrounded by an orchard and horses.  It was an at-home wedding that mixed charm (Byram and his bride, Lauren, carved their initials into the tree they married under) and glamour (lots of gold, crystal, and French royal china).  I especially enjoyed the candy bar—salt water taffy and candy buttons were displayed in old-fashioned glass apothecary jars.  Get this: The bride woke up at 7 A.M. to begin setting it all up!  She and her team did an incredible job.  –Christina, Wedding Spy


Coming to work on a cloudy, chilly day is always hard—it’s even harder when you’re just back from a vacation in the Bahamas!  I was in the tropics last week, at one of the most fun weddings ever. My friend Michelle got married in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, and I am now convinced that destination weddings are the best.  The sun, the rum—what’s not to love?  The biggest question I had to answer all trip was what to wear.  I finally settled on a sleeveless black and white floral print sundress and J. Crew flip-flops. Armed with sunglasses, a sweater for the ocean breeze, my digital camera, and a Bahama Mama, I walked past the resort’s infinity pools, red-and white lighthouse, and gazebo, straight to the beach where the sand was strewn with flower petals in preparation for the ceremony. After, I ditched the footwear and threw an elastic around my hair so I could get serious on the “dance floor”–a piece of wood laid on the sand. The 40 of us were joined by some wedding crashers—seagulls—who were lured by the food, but never got close enough to sample the cake. Then the sun went down, the volume went up, and we danced all night. ­–Jackie, The Wedding Spy

img_2975Say the words “Girl Scout cookies,” and BRIDES staffers will practically start rioting.  Damn the diet, give me some Samoas!  Well, yesterday was an especially happy day in the office because it was Girl Scout Cookie Distribution Day.  Almost 100 boxes of G.S. cookies sold by an editor’s daughter (full discloser: I’m that editor) were handed out.  The air smelled of Thin Mints, Trefoils, and those incredible peanut butter cookies that should come with a warning label.  Today, back to salad.  –Sally, Cubicle Chat 

Note cards to make you swoon from Smythson.I always look forward to my market appointments at Smythson, a British company that produces leather goods to swoon over.  My visit this week was no exception—and this time, I found something I could actually afford!  Smythson has commissioned fashion designer Giles Deacon to make these super-chic note cards.  They are limited edition so be sure to scoop up a set soon—just the thing for corresponding with your FMIL.  $70 for a set of 10 cards/envelopes. –Christina, Party Girl


Meredith Grey trying on wedding dresses in Izzie's hospital room.

Meredith Grey trying on wedding dresses in Izzie's hospital room.

Thursday night means parking it on my couch and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  For those of you who’ve been absent this season, Derek went through a phase when he let his scruff turn into a beard, drank a few too many beers, and used a baseball bat to launch his mother’s heirloom wedding ring into the woods. Recently, however, McDreamy redeemed himself, proposing to Meredith in the elevator, where he hung CAT scans of patients they’d saved together.  Returning from a two-week hiatus, last night’s episode featured Meredith, who refuses to wear Derek’s engagement ring (somehow recovered from the woods) trying on pouffy, white wedding dresses at the behest of the beautiful, dying Izzie Stevens.  What started out as a non-proposal and the prospect of bridesmaids and groomsmen in scrubs (the horror!) is shaping up to be a full-blown wedding.  Seriously!  Even so, I bet Meredith never changes her name.  –Jackie, Cubicle Chat

Grey’s Anatomy Quiz…find out which character you’re most like by clicking on the link below.

Wedding Spy goes rugged this weekend!  This city slicker is off to an outdoor wedding on a ranch an hour or so outside of San Diego.  It’s going to be a dream wedding with horses roaming in the paddock and champagne flowing in abundance, but it’s also going to be 58°.  Brrr!  On top of the cold, my mother-in-law has recommended I bring “LOTS OF BUG SPRAY.”   I am fully loaded with 98% Deet insect repellent (you can’t even spray this stuff directly on your skin), 3 pashminas, and a sweater.  The irony: It’s going to be 85° back in New York.  Stay tuned for a full report on the wedding.  –Christina, Wedding Spy

When is a flower just a flower?  Well, if it’s in our Flower Special, it’s anything but ordinary.  We asked eight floral masterminds to come up with creative ways to rework a flower.  Dog collars, rings, vases, lampshades, and hanging orbs–these are just a few of the things our floral experts fashioned from our favorite blooms.  Look for all their imaginative ideas and our complete flower story in the September/October 2009 issue.  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas