I’ve hit a wall with my wedding planning.  I feel like I need a vacation from thinking I’ve hit a wall with my wedding planning.  I feel like I need a vacation from thinking about it.  Everything I do is somehow linked.  I’ll listen to a song and wonder if it would work at the cocktail hour.  I’ll see a nice shirt and start imagining that color combination as a table setting.  Even going on Facebook will get me thinking about the guest list!  I need to switch it off, or at least find a balance between doing the logistical grunt work and the fun stuff. Maybe I should just set aside one day out of each week to work on it. (Kind of hard, since I work at BRIDES!) How is everyone else handling this?   Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES


Look #4 from the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2009 Runway Show.

Look #4 from the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2009 Runway Show.

I’ve been looking at photos of the bridal runway shows for a week now.  There are so many stunning gowns…it makes you think about the statement you want to make with your dress.  Are you classically elegant? Will you wow them with ruffles? Do you have the guts to go short?

Since I got engaged, I’ve been seriously considering wearing pants at my wedding(!). I love this gorgeous suit by Diane von Furstenberg.  I can’t wait to go try it on! While looking at all those runway dresses, I’ve begun to question my decision. This is the one day that I can live out my fantasy of being Ginger Rogers in that feathered dress from the movie “Top Hat.” On second thought, my wedding IS a fantasy but it should still be reflection of me, today.  I’m not that kid who idolized Ginger Rogers. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t buy anything with feathers!  So I’m going with where my heart is now, not 15 years ago. I’m going to dare to be me.  -Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES 

Being a bride-to-be is fantastic!  I feel like Paris Hilton!  I went to a tasting event last night hosted by my caterer, Naturally Delicious.  I walked in with my entourage (a.k.a fiancée, friends and bridal party) and was immediately surrounded by vendors who wanted to help me pick out everything from the crudité dip to the tablecloths. I bet if I decided to walk down the aisle with a tiny dog in a designer bag, people would be lining up to help me pick out the perfect pooch at the shelter.  I should extend my engagement so I can enjoy this!  —Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES

I’m so excited about our location!  We booked Smack Mellon (a gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn) a few months ago but I went back this weekend to show my mom for the first time.  There are some logistical issues…the fact that we have to bring everything in because it is a gallery and has huge columns that interrupt the flow of the tables.  These are the things you’re focused on when you are in full-blown planning mode.  It is so great to step back and see the space again through fresh eyes…the way your guests are going to see it on your wedding day.  I walked in and was instantly reminded that we made the right decision.  The view is stunning and the columns give it that raw space/urban feel that we wanted.  I can’t wait!  —Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES

I am six months from the big day and finally confirmed a caterer.  There will be food for everyone to eat…what a relief.  We wanted a vegetarian buffet so it was a bit of a struggle to find the perfect caterer.  Some caterers were too small, some were too carnivorous, and some were just too expensive.  You normally do not think in terms of thousands of dollars.  Then you start planning your wedding and all of a sudden you are discussing five thousand dollars over your budget as if it is no big deal.  The next day you wake up with anxiety because you think about how many months salary that is.  It’s times when you find the perfect caterer, your first dance song, or the dress you dreamed of that the money seems worthwhile.  You just know that your friends and family are going to love the food and have fun.  You are going to be able to relax because everything will be taken care of.  You will literally eat, drink, and be merry.  —Kristen, A Bride At BRIDES