In recent wedding news (or more accurately, gossip), Mariah Carey will walk down the aisle yet again.  It seems her understated wedding in the Bahamas to Nick Cannon didn’t make the grade. Apparently, her do-over wedding (still to Nick Cannon) will cost $4 MILLION dollars and have 2,000 guests.  Can you imagine the receiving line???  My advice to the guests: wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water!  —Christina, Party Girl

Today I’m at our cover shoot, along with our photo crew.  First thing this morning our model got her hair and makeup done while the rest of us gossiped, devoured the breakfast buffet, and tried on all the fun shoes.  With lighting and styling, prepping for a cover takes a loooong time—we managed to get in just a couple of shots before breaking for lunch (do you notice a theme here?).  Now we’ve settled down to work again and are really in a shooting groove.  Our cover model looks beautiful and radiant—it’s comforting to know that even natural beauties still need a couple of hours of hair and makeup to look cover-ready!  One of my favorite parts of shooting is being surrounded by beautiful bouquets–the studio is full of huge, full-blown roses and brilliant tulips.  Now I’ve got to run back to the set to change the veil.  Guess what—I’m still wearing those platforms from this morning!  Happy spring.  —Ellen, Un-Veiled

Today’s touchy topic: Is it okay to get married on September 11th?  A close friend recently came to me with this question.  My first instinct was YIKES.   Then I took some time to really consider the issue.  It’s definitely a somber day, especially here in New York.  But does that mean we have to mark it each year by being sad?  My friend ultimately decided to go ahead and book it, and I fully support her decision.  I had spent September 11, 2001 with her and my future husband, so there’s something kind of wonderful about being able to celebrate together how far we’ve all come since that day.   —Christina, Party Girl

booty-parlor-51Last night a friend of mine was fretting over how to plan the perfect bachelorette party.  All the girls in the wedding party agreed they wanted an intimate affair that could still be a bit naughty.  Aha!, I thought.  A few months ago I found out about a company called Booty Parlor.  A licensed bootician (you laugh, but seriously) heads to your house or hotel armed with sexy lotions, potions, massage oils, and—yep—assorted “toys”—think Avon lady meets Dr. Ruth.  I love that this is a fun and girly way to bond with your friends over cocktails and products like Flirty Little Secret, a peachy body lotion infused with pheromones, and Kissaholic aphrodisiac lipgloss.  This is one beauty brand that will leave you feeling confident and irresistible…don’t you just love science?  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas

kacey-k-fine-jewelry1On Monday, I experienced something almost as crazy as the Manolo sample sale.  I attended the Wedding Salon, a bridal showcase.  Judging from the amount of people there, every bride and her mom from the tri-state area was in attendance. I steeled myself for battle and began searching for noteworthy vendors.  Here are three of my favorites:

If you’re a monogramming fanatic like me, you’ll love Kacey K for her personalized necklaces, rings, and bracelets.  If you’re on a budget, opt for sterling silver. 

For invitations that make a statement, check out Lela New York’s silk box invites.  What’s really great is that all their invites are 100% customizable, so they can work with your budget. 

Headache-free bridesmaids’ dresses, can it be?  Two Birds Bridesmaid offers a basic dress that you can wrap, tie, and twist to create 10 different looks. Everyone’s happy!  —Christina, Party Girl

Being a bride-to-be is fantastic!  I feel like Paris Hilton!  I went to a tasting event last night hosted by my caterer, Naturally Delicious.  I walked in with my entourage (a.k.a fiancée, friends and bridal party) and was immediately surrounded by vendors who wanted to help me pick out everything from the crudité dip to the tablecloths. I bet if I decided to walk down the aisle with a tiny dog in a designer bag, people would be lining up to help me pick out the perfect pooch at the shelter.  I should extend my engagement so I can enjoy this!  —Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES

daffodil3You’d think I owned a flower shop with all of my recent trips to the flower market!  Actually, I’m planning the annual flower special for our September/October 2009 issue, and I’m looking everywhere for ideas and objects to include in the massive 32-page section.  Up and down this otherwise non-descript midtown NYC block, the sidewalks are blooming with plants, cut flowers, and branches.  The flowers that speak to me today are mini daffodils.  These cheerful yellow stars are only available NOW—the chilly month before spring really arrives.  Plastic pots of six plants will cost you about $7.  Buy five and mass all of the blooms into a 24-inch long planter.  Perfect for an escort table or wherever you want a showy, vibrant accent.  This dramatic and affordable spring statement will last at least a week and long after the party’s over.  —Maria, Wedding Stylistas