When it comes to make-up I’m completely hopeless. The smoky eye? The day-in-the-sun glow? They’re completely beyond my capabilities. Until, that is, I tried Face Time’s Beauty in a Box. There are three styles to choose from–Romantic, Stunning, and Sultry–and you can decide to match your mood or whatever event you’re getting prettied-up for (engagement party? bridal shower?) Each box costs $90 and comes with step-by-step instructions, contact info for a make-up artist you can reach 24/7, and of course, a make–up kit to complete each desired look. The real beauty is the end result: a natural makeover that brings out the stunning, romantic, or sultry side you. –Machell, Wedding Stylistas


I was delighted to discover that the photo sharing site Shutterfly has teamed up with a handful of supercute stationery companies to design a line of DIY stationery that’s perfect for save the dates, bridal shower invites, and thank-you cards. Each digitally printed card is only $1.29 (a steal!) and the designs are so colorful and eye-catching that you’ll want to throw a party just to use them.
P.S. There are even matching address labels to pull your whole look together. I’m designing my own as I write this! –Machell, Wedding Stylistas

Ever wonder where we get all the ribbons you see on our bouquets, favors, napkins, programs—you name it? Read the credits and you’ll see that most of them come from Midori, which has over 2,000 styles to choose from. One of our favorite ideas is to print the bridal couple’s names on ribbon, which you can then use to dress up the napkins, embellish your bouquet, adorn favor bags, or decorate the bride and groom’s chairs. Personalized satin ribbon goes for about $60 for a 27-yard roll, which will tie a whole lot of bows. –Machell, Wedding Stylistas

At the Stationery Show last week, I discovered that every vendor out there is trying to help his customers keep their budgets in check—even firms that specialize in pricey printing techniques. Take letterpress, for example. For those who want the look but need to watch their budgets, Smock Letterpress offers these two tips: 1. Use one color ink for printing, which is much more affordable than multiple inks.  2. Choose a reply postcard rather than a reply card and envelope, saving on postage and paper—and helping the environment while you’re at it. –Machell, Wedding Stylistas

flipI’ve been toting around a mini camcorder on all of our photo shoots to capture some behind-the-scenes footage.  My favorite is the Flip Mino HD, a slim digital camcorder that’s fun and easy to use (give it to a little brother to catch all sorts of key wedding moments!). The Mino may be petite—about the size of an iPod—but it can hold up to 60 minutes of video, and it’s hard to mess up. The hardest part is choose a style—you can customize the look of your Flip by uploading your own pattern or photograph, or browse hundreds of designs in the image gallery. At $229.99, (includes free shipping, yay!) it would be a great gift for that new husband of yours. –Machell, Wedding Stylistas

lillypulitzer3I’m back at the office after a day at the Stationery Show, where companies from all over the country display their newest designs in invitations, note papers, you name it.  I have a blister on my left foot from walking aisles after aisle, and my shoulders are sore from carrying around all the press materials. But it was worth it; there was some truly great stuff. Topping my list is the new invitation line from Lilly Pulitzer.  I certainly don’t consider myself the preppy type (you would never catch me wearing madras), but I couldn’t get enough of the Lilly papers. Obviously the selection is filled with pink and green combos, but for those who can’t go there, the line offers the same designs in different color combos.  I wish I had an excuse to place an order! –Christina, Wedding Stylistas

Next week I’m gearing up to cover the big National Stationery Show. It’ll be exhausting (miles of aisles!) but exciting—I’ll get a closeup look at the latest colors and designs in invitations, envelopes, save the dates, RSVP cards, even all kinds of crafting supplies for DIYers. Stay tuned! –Machell, Wedding Stylistas