March 25, 2009

I’m so excited about our location!  We booked Smack Mellon (a gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn) a few months ago but I went back this weekend to show my mom for the first time.  There are some logistical issues…the fact that we have to bring everything in because it is a gallery and has huge columns that interrupt the flow of the tables.  These are the things you’re focused on when you are in full-blown planning mode.  It is so great to step back and see the space again through fresh eyes…the way your guests are going to see it on your wedding day.  I walked in and was instantly reminded that we made the right decision.  The view is stunning and the columns give it that raw space/urban feel that we wanted.  I can’t wait!  —Kristen, A Bride at BRIDES


One Response to “A BRIDE AT BRIDES: A New Look”

  1. Samantha Says:

    How refreshing to see a gallery space that is not all white walls! The juxtaposition of your “urban” gallery space with what looks like really cool textures against the AMAZING backdrop of the Manhattan skyline and bridges does make this location unique.

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