PARTY GIRL: Photo Resolution

March 20, 2009

Are you stressing out about picking a photographer?  My fiancé and I did—in fact, we ended up going so over budget on the pictures that we were forced to cut out all church flowers.  Finally, this week (two years after the wedding—we got a little behind!) we got our wedding album.  To steal a line from “Gossip Girl”, OMG!  (Should I still be watching GG…I’m 30 and married!?)  Getting back to my point, I felt transported back to our wedding day when I was going through our album.  These photos are our only tangible memories; they are also windows to all the parts of the wedding that we didn’t get to see.  So don’t beat yourself up about rolling out the dough for your photographer.  For us, it was so worth it.   Christina, Party Girl


7 Responses to “PARTY GIRL: Photo Resolution”

  1. Sarah Says:

    So true about splurging a little on a good photographer! I’m planning my wedding now and am finding there are lots of other ways to cut costs.
    Good pictures are so important!
    ps I am 31 and watch One Tree Hill!

  2. Kate Says:

    Phew am I relieved… I thought I was the only one stressing out about how much to spend on a photographer (and almost 30 and watching Gossip Girl). My fiance is more worried about the food than anything else, but I want great pictures!!! What do you think about a videographer?

    • I think you should really consider how often you would watch the video. If you enjoy going through old pictures and watching home videos, than I would say definitely go for the videographer. My husband and I thought we would never watch the video, so we asked a friend to tape the toasts and other key moments like the first dance. I loved it the one time I watched it, so for us that was a good decision.

  3. Alessandra Says:

    We didn’t bother with a videographer, we thought it might be too intrusive with the big lights, etc, esp during the ceremony. But we lucked out because a talented friend who’s taken some basic film classes ended up taping a bunch of our wedding (even asking loved ones to make little speeches) and edited it down into a 10-minute video for us. It’s really homespun and fun and that’s what we love about it. So many people have video cameras these days, a videographer might be something to skip if you know a friend or relative is planning to have a camera with them.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Making the decision about flowers vs. photos. You are so right. Memories last a lifetime and photos are a good way to capture them instead of worrying about the ceremony being decorated with flowers.

  5. Maggie Says:

    Alessandra was lucky with her videographer friend! I had a friend photographer who took lots of pictures of people he knew well and none of those he did not know! Result: NO pictures of my husband’s friends or family! NOT GOOD! Definitely a good, professional photographer and videographer is worth it.

  6. Vicky Snyder Says:

    AMEN, sister! A good friend of mine once told me “The only things that are left after your wedding day are the man you married and your photographs.”

    One of THE biggest regrets about my wedding was not going with a pro. My friend is an art photographer and I entrusted my special day to him. While he did indeed take some beautiful shots, there was a lot more that I wish I had (our family portraits leave much to be desired). And since he was inexperienced in wedding photography (and the whole biz, to be quite honest) we didn’t get as many good shots as I wish we had. I also wish I had a professional wedding book, not the scrapbook of 4×6’s I put together. So to all of you out there who are wondering whether or not it’s worth it, IT IS!

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