WEDDING SPY: Dress Code: Flip-flops

April 29, 2009

Coming to work on a cloudy, chilly day is always hard—it’s even harder when you’re just back from a vacation in the Bahamas!  I was in the tropics last week, at one of the most fun weddings ever. My friend Michelle got married in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, and I am now convinced that destination weddings are the best.  The sun, the rum—what’s not to love?  The biggest question I had to answer all trip was what to wear.  I finally settled on a sleeveless black and white floral print sundress and J. Crew flip-flops. Armed with sunglasses, a sweater for the ocean breeze, my digital camera, and a Bahama Mama, I walked past the resort’s infinity pools, red-and white lighthouse, and gazebo, straight to the beach where the sand was strewn with flower petals in preparation for the ceremony. After, I ditched the footwear and threw an elastic around my hair so I could get serious on the “dance floor”–a piece of wood laid on the sand. The 40 of us were joined by some wedding crashers—seagulls—who were lured by the food, but never got close enough to sample the cake. Then the sun went down, the volume went up, and we danced all night. ­–Jackie, The Wedding Spy


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