WEDDING STYLISTAS: Tiny Treats, Major Flavor

March 25, 2009

cake-ballsOur office fascination with cupcakes just doesn’t stop.  I figure it’s people looking to minimize their waistlines without sacrificing their sweet tooth.  Today we received a sampler box from a company called Cake Balls.  They’re little globes of cake blended with frosting in flavors like wedding cake, chocolate sake, chocolate covered strawberry, and red velvet.  Visually, they resemble truffles.  All of them are enrobed with white or milk chocolate and decorated with everything from a dusting of espresso powder or chocolate swirls to sugar crystals or finely chopped nuts.  Our favorites were of course wedding cake (what a surprise!) and the intriguing yet irresistible chocolate sake.  When it comes to cupcake shops in New York, there are all the old favorites—Magnolia, Crumbs, and Buttercup—and a new one seems to pop up every day.  For example, Baked by Melissa, which makes bite-sized treats, the size of a silver dollar, stuffed with flavors like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream, and s’mores that add more ooey-gooey goodness to each mouthful.  Like Cake Balls, they’re perfect for these tough times—affordable delights with big flavor. Who says you can’t have your cupcake…and eat more!  Now that’s saying a mouthful.  —Machell, Wedding Stylistas


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